About the blog:

This blog is going to discuss how social media is used in the nonprofit sector and how it is changing the way they reach out to their stakeholders. Because of the massive increase of social media over the past few years, the nonprofit industry has been able to reach a whole new potential.

About the authors:

Erin Kost: I am sophomore at James Madison University studying in the School of Media Arts and Design and minoring in Nonprofit Studies and Art. I love to be creative in any way that I can and I have a passion for the outdoors. I also enjoy volunteering, hiking, and adventuring in my spare time. When I am not at school in VA, Bristol, Tennessee and Salt Lake City Utah are the places that I call home. My future goal is to advertise for a nonprofit or NGO.

Ali Robert: Hello world! I hail from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and am currently a Junior here at JMU majoring in Corporate Comm and Advertising and minoring in Chinese. My heart belongs to my best friends, books, 90’s sitcoms, the ocean, and my soon-to-be-home, London. I have no idea what I want to do with my life but I am okay with that-as long as I get to see the world! My goal in life is never to forget to be happy and read as many books as I can for enjoyment. And, of course, own a corgi-huksy mix. 再见!


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