The Future of Nonprofits

Today everyone and their grandma is on social media. We live in a society dominated by fast-paced interaction on the internet that is constantly evolving and chasing the next best idea. Since nonprofits are not fully caught up to the rest of us, you might be wondering “How is this going to affect them? What does the future for nonprofits look like in the context of social media?” Well, I’m glad you asked! Since I cannot predict the future, there is no way to say for sure how nonprofits will change, but here is what the experts predict:

Online giving will be monumental!

Most fundraisers know that the key to increasing funds is to build relationships with the donors. This keeps people coming back and encourages them to give more. With social media, it has now become so much easier to interact with donors on a personal level.

Online giving has already seen a huge advancement since its creation, but the future holds indescribable opportunities for nonprofits (Thomas, 2013). With the increasing popularity of micro-funding, nonprofits have been able to leverage social media to gain many one time donations of just a few dollars (Fouts, n.d.). While the $1 donations appear as though they would not make a significant impact, studies have shown that many micro donations are proving to be more advantageous than a few big donors. (Fouts, n.d.).


Social media will be the top priority for volunteer recruitment 

Experts predict that social media will become a nonprofit’s #1 priority for volunteer recruitment in the future (Dillon, 2012). Facebook and Twitter make reaching out to a community easier than ever before, which opens up the biggest pool of volunteers in history. While Facebook and twitter allow an organization to recruit any kind of volunteer, there are also sites such as that organizations can utilize to find volunteers that meet certain qualifications.


Social media has this incredible power of being able to join people with common passions together. When people with shared passions unite, this generates action and leads to change. So, if you are looking for a passionate volunteer, engage your community and help band together those with the desire to see your organization’s mission succeed. People can care about an issue on their own, but it is when they join together for a cause that things actually get done.

Donors are getting picky

The competition for donations is going to be a new challenge for nonprofits in the near future. With countless charities accessible at the tips of their fingers, donors are getting picky about where they put their money. Often times, the first real impression someone has with an organization is their social media or website. This means that if nonprofits want to beat out their competition for donations, they need to have attractive, easy to use, and well-optimized websites (Dillon, 2012). They also need to be extremely relational and engaging on social media so that people feel connected with them. But do not fret, social media still provides the opportunity to reach far more people than ever before.

-Erin Kost

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