Story Time on Social Media with Your Nonprofit

Do you know what you should post on social media? No? Well, that’s okay because we do! You are not alone in not knowing what you should post on social media sites. Many not-for-profit organizations don’t get much farther than knowing that they need to post something to increase donations.

But, what this something is escapes most people. Don’t worry though because we’ve come here to tell you that that something is visual storytelling! In such a fast paced environment as social media, nothing better catches the attention of your stakeholders than a poignant picture, video, or infograph.

Julie Dicaro, author of the “Social Media for Nonprofits: What Should They Post About?” on, informs us that the best types of photos to post on social media are behind-the-scenes, candids, and historical photographs (meaning past events). She also advises that nonprofits post press releases, news articles, and blog posts to almost all of their social media sites. Be careful to keep the content you post on each site in line with typical site content. For example, it would be okay to be to post a press release on your organization’s Facebook page but not-so-much on your Pinterest page. (Dicaro, 2012).

Julie Campbell in her post “9 Ways to Create Magical Content for Your Nonprofit on Social Media” on, relates to us an eye-opening fact: “57% of people who watch a video made by a nonprofit then go on to make a donation.” This is further proof as to why you should make your posts more pictures/video’s than words. (Campbell, n.d.)

Within your visual storytelling posts it’s important to involve your stakeholders. Involve them emotionally, give them a call-to-action, ask questions, respond to comments, and share testimonials! After all, it is all about them. (Dicaro, 2012).

The question of content still remains…what kind of stories do you post on social media? The answer according to Campbell, from her powerpoint on Slideshare, is:

  • Creation stories
  • Continuous improvement stories
  • Behind-the-scenes stories
  • User-generated stories
  • Impact stories (Campbell, 2014).

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It’s very easy to get good stories too! All you have to do is ask your stakeholders (at live events, in surveys, on your website), look at previous thank-you notes you have received, and keep it varied (stories from clients and volunteers). Be sure to keep all these ideas in a safe spot and then when you want to tell your story make sure it goes across many different channels. Like mentioned earlier, keep content in line with a sites typical content while at the same time sharing similar things across all channels. (Campbell, 2014).

Lastly, do not be afraid to be take risks! Using social media can be uncomfortable for some, especially if your organization has previously only used traditional methods like print and broadcast. If you stay organized, enthusiastic, and true to your organization’s purpose using social media as a way to tell a story will create a very positive response!


-Ali Robert


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