How Social Networking Can Make Your NPO Prosperous


Not only does social media help not-for-profit organizations advocate about certain issues, but it also helps them receive money via donations and fundraising. It does this in a few different ways:

→ “Donate now” buttons

→ Sites like “”

→ Linking to their own site on social networking sites

→ Facebook apps like “Causes”

→ Many more!

As we previously mentioned in our last post, one good example of a successful nonprofit is the ALS Association. They not only disclosed information about their cause but they got involved with the community via Facebook and Youtube, created relationships with its audience (the stakeholders), and shared touching stories that motivated people to take action!

According to a study done by Richard D. Waters et. al., most nonprofits are still not taking advantage of all that social networking sites have to offer. They are still using them mostly to get information out and not connect, thus missing an opportunity to form relationships with stakeholders. (Waters, 2009).

In order to connect with stakeholders nonprofit organizations should do the following things according Hiba Haider on her blog “7 Creative Ways Nonprofits Can Use Social Media to Drive Donations”:

→ Twitter livefeeds and conversations

→ Use Facebook to tell a story

→ Create a Pinterest page

→Inspire Youtube user generated content

→ Educate through Google+ webinars

→ Have a LinkedIn account

→ Promote a social media contest (Haider, 2012).

Another important fact is to remember to be transparent! The stakeholders who are truly invested in your cause are going to want to know what is going on within your organization so don’t forget to post press releases, summaries of campaigns, and multimedia files on networking sites. By posting this type of information you will also attract new stakeholders because it shows them previous successes. (Water, 2009).

So, now that you have put all that time and effort into maintaining your social networking sites and forming relationships with stakeholders it is time to make sure that they can donate/help you fundraise!

To recap some earlier information, to make donating easy for your friends and followers, you can: 1) add donate now buttons to your website and links, 2) start a Razoo account (or any of the others listed here: “5 Online Donation Tools to Delight Your Donors“) that you can advertise on any social networking account, and 3) make Pinterest boards that link directly to your site.  According to a study from Shareacholic, restated by Hiba Haider in her article on hubspot, “21% of users have followed through with a purchase after discovering it on Pinterest.” (Haider, 2012).

Raising money for nonprofits is all about marketing yourself correctly on social networking sites so you can reach and inspire new and existing stakeholders. So remember to ENGAGE with your stakeholders. For example, you could tell them how much you appreciate their help by tweeting at them!

imgres razoo-logo  imgres-1

Written by: Ali Robert


4 thoughts on “How Social Networking Can Make Your NPO Prosperous

  1. First off, this article is very pleasing to the eye and easy to read so congrats on that!

    After reading the Walters study that you cited, I would agree that not many NPOs are using social media to their advantage. Perhaps, they are overwhelmed with other tasks that other corporations don’t need to worry about.

    You also made it very clear how NPOs can become more profitable and appealing to stakeholders. I learned a good amount after reading this blog post, including about fundraising options like Razoo. I am glad I chose to read this blog because you’ve given me a great example of what a readable blog should look like.

    -Myriam Assaadi/ The Parallel Motion


  2. This post was well written, informative, and interesting to read. It discussed various ways that nonprofit organizations could potentially market themselves to new consumers, the community, or potential clients. Nonprofit organizations depend on monetary donations to continue their work. However, if these organizations don’t have the knowledge of how to properly market themselves, then there is no hope of them bring in any additional income to fund their mission.

    Bringing up the fact that most nonprofits don’t take advantage of social networking is accurate, but a shame. Social networking is free and a great, efficient way to promote an organization, a special event, or even draw in people to simply investigate a cause. The “7 Creative Ways Nonprofits Can Use Social Media to Drive Donations” article was spot on and a great resource. The way some of the facts were broken into lists was not only helpful to read, but visually pleasing and less intimidating than a big paragraph.

    This blog does a great job of offering methods of communicating to a broad audience that nonprofit organizations, or anyone trying to market anything, should consider. With implementation of any of these social media techniques, the chance of success is high.

    -Lauren Didawick/Save the Lorax


    • Thanks Lauren! I agree it really is a shame that nonprofits are not taking serious advantage of a way to reach thousands of people for FREE. Hopefully within the next few years this changes so people’s voices can be heard and nonprofits can transform the world!


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